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Our beef is 100% grass fed/ grass finished. We do not supplement our animals with antibiotics or growth hormones. Our animals graze on two ranches. They spend the winter months grazing on 3000 acres in the lush foothills of Jamestown Ca. We move our animals 18 miles to Oakdale ca in the summer months to graze on over 250 acres of certified organic irrigated pasture. All animals are processed when they reach there ideal mature weight ranging from 1300 to 1500 pounds ( live weight). These animals will yield between 400 to 450 pounds of vaccume sealed meat.

we offer 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef orders. A 1/4 beef will yield approximately 100 pounds of meat. Your order is customized to your preference you can make your cut selections by downloading the cut list form located at the bottom of this page..

A $250 deposit will begin the process of transferring ownership of the animal to you. K Arrow Ranch will act as an agent in finishing, harvesting and processing of your beef. All grass-fed beef animals spend their entire life grazing on K Arrow Ranch. When the animal reaches its ideal weight for harvesting, a local ranch butcher comes out to the ranch to harvest. The state inspected processing facility is located 10 miles away from K Arrow Ranch. The animal is aged for 10-14 days and then processed into your specific variety of cuts. The meat is then transported back to K Arrow Ranch and ready for pick up. This process allows the animal to stay on the ranch throughout its life. It also keeps the handling of your beef to the least amount of people possible. Please download cut list and deposit form and send along with your payment to; Marcus Kistler 5131 Dodds rd Oakdale ca 95361.

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The Kistler Family has been raising Natural Beef cattle on two ranches since 1946. Ray Henry Kistler an M.D. physician/ surgeon from Stanford University bought the two ranches for cattle grazing and hunting. The Kistlers have diversified their resources and utilized the land for raising beef cattle, turkeys, goats, rice, grass, hay, walnuts, cherries and operated a children’s summer camp for more than 30 years.

The Kistler Ranches although diverse, are still focused on raising Natural Beef. The family has been enjoying Natural Grass fed beef since the ranches were purchased; however, in the last 10 years manager Steve Kistler (grandson to Ray) and his son Marcus Kistler have been on a mission to provide quality Natural grass-fed beef to the public.